Unsere Geschichte

Seit 1978 in der Familie verwaltet

Already since 1900 summer relaxing arrangements exist on the Wilhelmshavener south beach. In 1928 the Sea Promenade, established for 950,000 DM, was opened. Five beach houses the Hotels Seenelke, Lachs, Seerose, Seestern and Delphin were built for approx. 200 resort guests. Together all beach houses were connected with a colonnade. In front of the houses a wide promenade leads along the green dyke equiped with beach chairs. The beach was split in a man section, family section and ladies’ section. Pools also allowed swimming with low tide. Several dyke rise measures in the 70s causes the decision to build a new promenade.The first step of south beach renewal occurred in 1980 with the construction of northern Südstrandstrasse.

In the middle of the 80s the basic renovation of the beach houses began under the guidance of the Government. In Front of the beach houses originated big view terraces. The promenade character was underlined by planting avenue trees.

The first owners after the reorganisation of the south beach was Family Barkhausen at the Hotel Seestern and at the Hotel Delphin Family Schnieder. In 1979 Hans Stamsen took over the Hotel Seestern which he handed over in 1990 to his son Olaf Stamsen.

Mr. Olaf Stamsen took over in 2005, in addition, the Hotel Delphin from Family Schnieder. Currently both hotels are run by Olaf Stamsen. In total there are 21 rooms and two suites. The room prices and the equipment is identical in both hotels.