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You have the unique opportunity to spend the night at hotels directly on the dyke at the North-Sea. The buildings were already built in the 20s, just some years before 2nd World War. At that time the street and the cable car was just in front of the Hotels.

Sanitary facilities were for all guests on the hotel floors. In the course of the beach rebuilding the street was shifted behind the hotels and the promenade created. Since then, the hotels are under conservation of monuments and historic buildings control  by German Government.On account of the strict monument and dyke laws for the protection removals and rebuildings are strongly limited. Also we would offer you, with pleasure, the comfort of a lift (elevator) and bigger bathrooms.

Unfortunately, ideas like that are mostly not possible because of hard laws and rules in german historic buildings .
Enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the unique view and let the house tell his own story.

Maybe emperor Wilhelm has lived in your room once?

Jens Meschke

Managing Director

Olaf Stamsen