AKZENT Philosophy

AKZENT Hotels - "in a class of their own"!

Your right to quality of life and a sense of wellbeing is at the core of the AKZENT Hotels philosophy. AKZENT Hotels promise you exceptional hospitality and an intimate atmosphere in all of its establishments throughout Germany, Poland and Austria.

Are you travelling as a vacationer to the ocean or a hiker to the mountains? Or heading to the city for a business meeting or planning a conference? No matter what your reason for travel may be, an AKZENT Hotel is sure to be close by! We look forward to winning you over with the hospitality typical to an AKZENT Hotel.

The hotel cooperation has continually developed since its foundation in 1989. All AKZENT Hotels are privately run establishments that emphasize the importance of regionalism. Every AKZENT Hotel exudes its own personal charm, but each has the same goal in mind: to help you, our guests, have the most comfortable vacation or conference experience possible.

AKZENT Hotels focus on:

This is why they’re “in a class of their own”!